Prestige Collection

Have you ever wanted to own luxury vehicles which exude style, opulence and elegance but do not have enough finances for the same? In that case, your wish can surely be granted with the help of Prestige Auto Collection. At Prestige Auto Collection we offer used luxury or high end cars at the most competitive prices, thereby making the cars so affordable that one would also be able to get motor fleet insurance policies to go with them! The website offers a 500 low price guarantee with the cars, which is why one would always find that the cars come with price tags having fair iMVP or Internet Market Value Price. This of course directly translates into you being able to enjoy maximum savings! 

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Prestige Auto Collection has a vast range of stocks to choose from which includes cars by Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and so on. In case of the collection, the most popular brands amongst customers are Peugeot, Ford and BMW. Peugeot, which is a French automobile brand, is known for its excellent cars. Characterized by the well-known lion logo, Peugeot cars are driven all over the world, i.e. in one hundred and sixty countries to be precise. One can count on Peugeot cars for top notch design, quality, efficiency and driving pleasure of course!

Ford is yet another brand that is highly loved by people. The company is known for being highly dedicated to its customers and hence it is willing to go out of its way in order to meet the requirements or needs of the customers. The brand has been consistently manufacturing good looking cars that are capable of offering an impressive performance. Likewise, BMW too is a brand that is also highly appreciated by the mass. BMW cars are considered to be a status symbol and an indulgence. The premium collection of cars offered by BMW is vast, therefore there is bound to be something for everybody!

If you are eyeing a Ford, BMW or a Peugeot car for yourself then you should purchase a pre-owned or used one from Prestige Auto Collection. The cars here are not just low mileage ones but they are also fully reconditioned, thereby making them as good as new! We also make the process of buying extremely simple and convenient. What's unique here is that we can even bring the sale to you! In other words, we can visit you with the vehicle that you are interested in, educate you about the car's details and then have you take it out for a test drive!

Apart from the 500 low price guarantee we also offer the 48 hour 'Bring it back' guarantee wherein customers can return the purchased car to us within forty eight hours in case they are unhappy with their purchase and wishes to exchange the same for another preferred model. Customers purchasing cars from us are also automatically entitled to receiving the 'Values for Life' program which covers state inspections, multi-point courtesy inspections, etc for lifetime.